Training Services

Our team of expert trainers have years of experience and deliver high quality training.

Our aims

  • To provide the highest quality training
  • To enable you to get the most out of your assistive technology so you can be independent in your learning

How do we achieve this?

We discuss your needs with you and tailor the training to suit you. The lessons are structured, but also flexible so we can adjust the training to your requirements.We give you as much hands-on practice as possible and try to integrate the software into the sort of tasks you would normally have to do. It is you, not us, who determines the pace of the training, and we make sure there are frequent breaks. We usually assess your progress through tasks and exercises. When the training is finished,we:

  • provide handouts to summarise the key points.
  • provide various points of contact for continued support.

Why use iansyst's trainers?

  • Each trainer has worked or is working towards a teaching qualification - either a C&G7302 Certificate in Delivery of Training or C&G 7407 Teacher Training Certificate.
  • Each trainer has worked or is working towards becoming an Associate members of the Institute of IT Training (an accreditation body for training professionals).
  • We have an ongoing program of Continuing Professional Development including:
    • Dyslexia awareness and disability awareness training;
    • Accredited training direct from manufacturers including Texthelp and Nuance;
    • Regular internal product training and workshops.
  • All our trainers have had disclosure checks through the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • We cover many types of assistive technology including:
    • text-to-speech
    • speech recognition
    • mind mapping and concept mapping
    • scanning software
    • reading and writing programs
    • spell checkers
    • typing tutors
    • digital recording devices
    • PDAs
    • and many more...
  • We cover the whole UK.

Some comments about our training

"The tutor was extremely helpful, tailoring his approach and pace to my needs. I feel I learned a lot and can contact him as necessary."
Margaret,Heriot-Watt University

"The trainer gave me time to respond to his method of training. The training was well structured and the return visit was very helpful. I would like to thank the trainer and your company for your help and support with my slow learning ability."
Andrew, Student

"The trainer was very helpful. He explained the programmes to me and checked I understood. He was very well prepared for our session and only moved on whenI felt ready."
Sarah, Student

"Approachable effective trainer - software looks as if it will help me focus by listening carefully to text that is read back to me. The coaching was invaluable for confirming issues or making me aware of them. Very confidence building."
Scottish Museums Council

"I can now fully enjoy all the products you have supplied. We have been able to identify my weak areas and [ I.T.S.] are keeping me informed on the availability of equipment."
David, student

"I've gone from total ignorance and scared to touch anything to being quite confident with the new software as well as general use. The tutor was at all times patient, polite and professional thank you."
John, OU Student

"The structure was clear and in a form appropriate to someone who thinks in whole pictures, not just bits. It was helpful to have a second day to develop my understanding."
Estelle, public sector professional

"Training was very useful and augmented my understanding of Dragon brilliantly."

"Without the technology I would never have done my own quotes or invoices for my business... It's a great feeling. If you don't get training on how to use the equipment, money will be wasted. It is one of the most important things going; it's transformed my life."
John, self-employed businessman

Who do we provide training to?

We run one-to one training, in particular to:

  • HE/FE Students and DSA Students
  • ATW employees
  • Individual computer users, both children and adults

We also provide group sessions (or one-to-one training if required) for:

  • Schools
  • Disability Officers
  • Assessors
  • LEA awards officers
  • IT and SEN Advisors
  • SENCOs and IT staff
  • IT Trainers
  • Personnel Officers

Our trainers are versatile with wide-ranging experience, so if there is some specific training you or your organisation requires, please contact us and we will do our best to provide it.

Information regarding pricing is available on request.

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